We Are Many Voices

Aloha Miloli'i has been receiving email comments from Association members, and we've been promising to share them with you for awhile now. As you will see, they represent varied viewpoints that are quite different on some topics and very similar on others. The content is published "as-is" .

Aloha Miloli'i supports a governing body that listens to all opinions, and reacts with decisions that are in the best interest of the community as a whole, while respecting the individual as well.

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Make Your Vote Count!

If not attending the upcoming meeting, please do ONE of the following:

  • Check proxy option 2 (proxy is given to a named individual) and designate an Aloha Miloli'i supporter such as Paul Cox or other trusted individual into the space provided.
  • Check proxy option 1 (for quorum purposes only) to allow the meeting to be held without giving the incumbent board members an unfair advantage.

You can help MBCA II be governed by a fair and transparent leadership and allow more than one voice to rule.

Please Help...

We are seeking to offset the costs of printing and mailing and your help would be greatly appreciated.

To contribute, please visit our GoFundMe campaign .

Mahalo for your kokua!

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